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Online Courses

Our online courses are designed to be accessible to everyone, from novice to professional. Each course starts with the basics of surface preparation and moves step-by-step through the process of reproducing the desired paint effect.


About Our Online Courses

The courses are designed by Simon Nobs, a professional interior decorator and paint effects artist with 35+ years experience, to develop your skills from the ground up.

When you subscribe to a course you will have access to the relevant course-specific areas of the exclusive members' discussion forum, where you will be able to ask questions and discuss the your ideas with Simon and other course attendees.

You will also have ongoing email help and support through your course tutor.

* Once paid for in full you will have access to the course content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 12 months

Try our free introductory course

Valid for one week
The Art & Craft of Faux Marbling
Valid for 12 months
This course is designed for beginners and professionals, offering extensive easy to follow course materials and video tutorials. This course has been designed and is presented by an experienced professional, and with access to our members forum you'll have the opportunity to submit any questions to Simon, the instructor.

This course also now comes with bonus content covering the black and gold Portoro marble as well as our popular grey Carrara marble.
Grey Carrara & Black and Gold Portoro
Valid for 12 months
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This course is designed for beginners and professionals alike, offering extensive easy to follow course materials and step-by-step video tutorials. This comprehensive online course has been designed and is presented by an experienced professional, Simon Nobs, and with full access to our members forum, you'll have the opportunity to submit any questions or queries to Simon throughout your 12 month subscription.
Yellow Sienna
Why learn paint effect techniques?

Traditional paint effects techniques have been used by skilled craftsmen and women for thousands of years in order to transform walls, ceilings and ordinary household furniture into works of art. Using modern acrylic paints and varnishes, a selection of carefully selected tools and an insight into some of the skills needed to recreate these techniques, you too will be able to transform the ordinary into the spectacular.


"I wanted to design and develop the type of courses that I would have loved to have been able to access when I was starting out as an interior decorator 35 years ago. I spent many hours visiting libraries and trawling round bookshops, collecting and collating as much information as I could find in order to learn all I could about this fascinating craft. Through these online courses, I will share these skills with you so that you will be able to bring a little of that magic to your home". Simon, course developer.

These courses are suitable for amateurs, professionals and everyone in between. Our step-by-step guides will enable you to take the skills you already have and elevate them to a new level. 

What do the online courses include?

The online courses will include:

  • An introduction and/or history of the use of faux paint effect techniques

  • Slideshow style videos explaining all the tools, equipment, paints and materials required

  • Up to 5 lesson tutorials, incorporating detailed videos explaining the full painting processes

  • Downloadable PDF information sheets, explaining what and where to purchase the tools & equipment necessary to complete the courses

  • Plenty of professional tips and tricks to elevate your skills to the next level

  • Exclusive access to the members forum/group, interact with like minded people, exchange ideas and post comments

  • Regular newsletter, with inspirational content and ideas

  • Course updates and feedback

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