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Marbling & Faux Stone
All abilities welcome


This workshop is designed and structured for people of all abilities to learn a basic understanding of the ancient arts of faux stone and marbling paint techniques and to be comfortable using the paints and glazes used to master them. You will be introduced to acrylic scumble glazes and colourants, used extensively in conservation and restoration projects.  This is a great introductory course to develop your basic skills and familiarity with the tools and techniques, and is a pre-requisite to our advanced courses.

This workshop is run by Simon Nobs, Director of Snobs Interiors Ltd., with over 30 years experience working as a specialist interior decorator and designer. The workshop will start with a quick overview and a brief history of these inspiring paint effects over tea and coffee.

Simon will then give a detailed explanation of the correct use of primers and basecoats to be applied to a variety of surfaces and you will then prepare and basecoat your board. Whilst the boards are drying, Simon will give a short demonstration of some of the techniques you will be introduced to. You will then be guided through the different stages used to create professional looking faux stone effects, including granite, sandstone and marble.

After a short break for lunch, Simon will then guide you through the different stages used to create a professional looking faux marble paint effect. You will then be shown the correct use of varnishes and sealers to protect your work.


The workshop will start at 10.00am and we aim to finish around 4.00pm. All students are asked to bring an apron or wear suitable clothing.

There is a minimum of 2 students to allow the workshop to run, and a maximum of 5.

There will be plenty a time throughout the day to ask Simon questions and seek advice on anything to do with painting, decorating and design projects.


Sample boards will be available for you to practice on. 


You will also be provided with brushes, tools and equipment, and all the paints and finishes you might need throughout the day, along with full instruction on their correct use. 


Tea, coffee and light refreshments will be available throughout the day. Unfortunately we will not be able to cater for any special dietary requirements or allergies, so you are asked to please bring a packed lunch.

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