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The Craft of Hand Painted Furniture
Featuring The Display Cabinet

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This professional hand-painted furniture course, introduces you to many of the skills that Simon has developed over the 30+ years working as a decorator and interior designer. It will allow you to create beautiful, bespoke, interior design concepts that suit your tastes without having to pay designer prices. Learning this versatile skill enables you to put your own creative stamp on everyday items.

On this course you will be taken through the skills needed to create professional hand-painted furniture and will feature the display cabinet. You will have access to the online material for as long as your account remains active, allowing you to practice & perfect this skills before moving on to larger projects.

The tutorials are carefully designed and structured for people of all abilities. You will start by learning how to clean your piece of furniture and shown how to remove oils, waxes, varnishes and general dirt ready for painting. You will then be led through the process of repairing any damaged glass or wood veneer to make the furniture look as good as new. After painting the furniture to your taste you will then learn how to finish and protect your work ready for use. In the final lesson Simon demonstrates 3 alternative finishes for different uses and tastes to provide further inspiration.

The course material has been divided into a series of easy-to-follow video tutorials, accompanied by numerous professional tips and comprehensive information sheets. Each video is between 10-50 minutes, and within 3 hours, you will be equipped with all of the information you need to start renovating your own item of furniture.

  • Getting Started: An introduction to materials and equipment

  • Lesson 1: Repair and protection

  • Lesson 2: Priming the cabinet

  • Lesson 3: Repairing the broken glass

  • Lesson 4: Painting the top coats and cleaning the glass

  • Finishing Touches: Applying a glass film protection

  • Lesson 5: Alternative finishes

  • A complete list of the tools and equipment required for this course with downloadable PDF where-to-buy products sheet

  • Expert recommendations for paints equipment and materials with downloadable PDF where-to-buy products sheet


For a one-time subscription payment you will have unlimited online access to Hand Painted Furniture - Display Cabinet course content and any subsequent updates for a full 12 months.


Plus, you will receive our regular newsletter and, through our members forum,  have the opportunity to discuss ideas with fellow students around the world, post suggestions & submit any questions to Simon, the instructor. 

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