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A student learning the faux oak wood graining paint effect technique during a workshops at South Coast Studio in Kent.
Simon, course curator at South Coast Studio, using a fantasy faux oak wood graining paint effect technique to brighten the shop front of a local pottery school.
Traditional & Modern Decorative Paint Effect Courses
Students attending a faux stone paint effects workshop at South Coast Studio in Kent, learning the skills needed to create different stone paint effects and how to protect their work when complete.
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A luxury roll top bath hand painted with a faux black marble paint effect technique by Simon, course curator at South Coast Studio

Learn traditional & modern decorative paint effect techniques from a qualified tradesman with 30+ years experience and give your projects a truly professional look

Studio Workshops

Join our group sessions in the studio and get real-time feedback and support.

Students attending a wood graining paint effect workshop at South Coast Studio in Kent.

Online Courses

Follow our courses at your own pace from the convenience and comfort of your home.

A student learning the faux oak wood graining paint effect technique through an online course offered by South Coast Studio
Simon Nobs, director of Snobs Interiors a professional decorating company specialising in paint effects, and course curator at South Coast Studio delivering online courses and workshops at the Studio in Kent

Meet the Instructor

Simon Nobs

For over 30 years I have been running Snobs Interiors - an interior design and decorating business with clients throughout the UK and across Europe. I provide a high quality painting and decorating service for my clients and for a number of years now I have been focusing much of my energy on the more artistic side of interior decoration.

There are fewer and fewer opportunities for those who would like to learn the ancient art of traditional decorative paint effect techniques from an experienced professional. As a result, age old skills such as woodgraining, faux marbling and broken colour paint effects are slowly being lost and forgotten.


To prevent these skills from disappearing altogether, I have carefully designed a number of comprehensive courses to enable anyone who has an interest in the craft to tackle the more challenging aspects of decorative paint techniques with confidence, even though they may have had no previous experience.

Granite & Sandstone Studio Course

A very nice and informative painting course with a pleasant and knowledgeable tutor

Marbling Studio


The day was very enjoyable, you taught us so much in a short space of time. I was quite nervous but you immediately put me at ease. I achieved an end result that far exceeded my expectations

Wood Graining Studio Course

Great fun and set in a very calm, quiet studio. Simon was very knowledgeable and I was happy with the paint effect I produced. I would be confident in performing the technique again.

John H. August 2018

Ian, May 2018

Callum, November 2017

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